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A glance at our 2 new initiatives

Under TSV’s two new initiatives:

  1. Our founder has started taking steps and planning to take benefit of our work to an audience that often goes ignored: specially-abled students(in deaf and dumb schools). We are trying to adapt to different ways in which such people can be taught what we use to teach to normal students.

       Successfully implemented(2nd one)

  2.  TSV is also now in conversation with an organization in                  Uganda to provide the benefits of our work to the kids    

      and seniors affected with HIV/AIDS. Our work will help

       slow the progression of HIV. Our Founder has been doing     

       constant research to find a substantive base for this initiative

       and has been finding ways to help these people. To see how

       our work can slow the progression of HIV/AIDS, here is    

       a research conducted by the University of California, Los    


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