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The resources on this page can be used for anyone above the age of 10. The instructions in the videos are to be followed very diligently. Teachers should watch the videos before assigning them to the students. No additional personal interpretations must be added while guiding the students because the instructions in the videos are very clear, and one must be asked to only follow them diligently. Disclaimer: These are just extra helpful resources apart from our regular sessions/workshops. They aren't the sole thing of our programs, and thus, each organization that is willing to have TSV's programs conducted at their institution must directly contact us rather just relying on these resources.

The Compass - Children Learn Vipassana(English)


  1)  Introduction to Anapana

   2) Anapana Practice (10 min)


  1) Introduction to Anapana

  2) Anapana Practice (10 min)



This is to be practiced on a daily basis. It should be accompanied by the audio discourse curriculum in the Podcast. Once the teachers and students have mastered this, then the teacher(for schools) and individuals above 17 years of age can move to the Resources page.



For Schools:

 Do follow the instructions mentioned just above.

 More things to noted:

  •  For the age group 10 - 13  =  20 mins/day + teachers can explain and use the audio curriculum(as per requirement).

  •  For the age group 14 - 16  =  40 mins/day 

  •  For 17 and above   =  practice time + Applications for 10-day Science of mind and matter course for students full of defilements can be filled. The officials accept the application for someone who is 18 and above. However, sometimes applicants of age 17 are also accepted for the course. All types of students can benefit from this and can do wonders in their respective fields.

For Partnered Organizations:

  • Education-oriented organizations ​must follow the above instructions. The organizations can use this on their individual platforms, and they can introduce it to the schools in contact with them(if feasible).

  • For all other organizations, the details are sent individually according to the respective intent and mission of that particular organization.

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